Santiago de Compostela

Here we are in the middle of june 2015, more and more people on the Santiago historical streets. Students on their way to their exams, cruiseship tourists led by tour guides and pilgrims. Excitement everywhere.


Pilgrims in Compostela

Santiago has plenty of interesting spots and these days I normally include, along with the Cathedral, the lively Praza de Abastos. The local market give the chance to visitor to contemplate the real everyday life of the local people..The fresh season fruits such as sherries, along with tomatoes and local cheese. You will  probably be offered to taste. These days I even discovered a new chocolate store!  No surprise. For centuries cocoa arrived to galician coasts from South America.
I have the pleasure to lead you in the.chapels of fish and seafood!


Galician Crabs

At #Mariscomania recently restored Bar Restaurant you will have the chance to have cooked the fresh seafood,fish or meat you just bought for an extra $6
Don’t lose that chance!

Contact me for the Santiago City and Market Tour (tuesdays to saturdays)
from €50 per person
at Whatsapp or phone +34667435981
Facebook or TripAdvisor at Italo Pendola.

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