Rias Baixas Style or How I danced to Asereje in the Galician coast

Well,  summer2013 arrived to stay also in this northern corner  of Spain!

The Bateas producing Muscles and Scallops

The Bateas producing Muscles and Scallops

It’s not something related with suntan, not just that at least! In these days I had been travelling around with my groups in Rias Baixas, the southern area of Galicia, mainly associated with sandy beaches, impressive colours of atlantic coast, little fishermen villages and cool white Albariño wine..Well, all my visitors had the chance to watch, touch, breath, taste and even dance! to the sound not only of the waves.

I’ll tell you why…

It’s busy days these ones for tourism in Galicia: newspapers showing us the number of stunning  Cruises arriving to Coruña’s and Vigo’s piers; thousands of pilgrims ‘ are singing their journey done’ in Santiago as Neil Tennant wrote; people from any corner of the world arriving to the Parking areas of all the region and where the other I read even someone’s note  for their statistics: 27 pax from North Korea. And they say about the british sense of humour..

I am part of this nice circus and strolled around in buses with cool groups from France, Italy and Switzerland these last ten days. So if you decide to take a customized Tour on the south side of Galicia we may visit Cambados, Combarro, to pass near the romanesque towers in Catoira. You won’t be disappointed. O Grove then offers fantastic opportunity to sail in a ferry  around the bateas –  peculiar platforms/factories that with their underwater  chords allow muscles to grow and.. be later enjoyed! Spanish pop music will play to make the Tour a funny experience – I was invited to dance to Asereje classic –  on the ferry while muscles and wine are being served.

Contact me for this Tour. italopendola@gmail.com     Call or Text +34 667435981

Italo Pendola

Italo Pendola

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