Easter. Holy Week in Santiago Galicia

Easter Procession 2013

Easter Procession 2013

Well, probably you have seen a lot of images coming from other towns from Spain concerning Easter. Seville and Andalucia in general is always number one in that sense..Spring shows that it’s here, women wear those old fashioned but attractive mantillas over their expensive hairdo. BUT Easter is also Galicia. Ferrol and Viveiro hold the privilege to have the most historically important Easter processions..and it’s true.

Easter 2013
This year though I was just able to contemplate daily processions in Santiago. No blood in the backs..no chains..but religious images brought by men and women – in some cases even walking with no shoes on – under the cells, smartphones and ipads of tourists..and me.
Here you have then some pics I took today – you can find the album on my Facebook page as well.

Let’s now cross fingers beacuse next weekend I may go back to the annual Arcade Oyster fiesta (in the Pontevedra province). And I will tell you all. But if you decide to come..well, it’s amazing! Feed the soul..and feed the body with this authentic pleasures!festa_ostra_13_g


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