About Football, Wood, Scandal and Galicia

Carril, Galicia

Carril, Galicia

I was reading the other day interesting stories related with a coastal town here in Galicia, Vilagarcía de Arousa and its close once fishermen village Carril. Well..it curiously looks like the first place in Spain in which actually football, in european terms, was played was..Carril!

This little town was veeery important back in XIX century, being chosen as one of the best ports for english ships to stop on the way South or North. Lot of wood was taken and brought away. But what workers did in their free time, while they were forced to stop?

They played football. This worlwide popular sport these days, actually in those days caused a certian critical reaction from the locals and these fellows playing behind a ball in shorts.

Galicia can be associated also with the creation of Table Football; it would have been in fact created here. There’s an open debate on this but it’s funny to see the different versions – spanish and english –  of the story in the Wikipedia about it…!  We won’t fight about it though, don’t we? I woulldn’t be the best to defend what I called for years Calcio Balilla in Italy. And in which I was quite bad to eventually decide to give up soon my carrer in such sport.

Galicia is always surprise.

If you want to experience this part of the Rias Baixas Coast I can manage a taylor made Tour, just contact me at italopendola@gmail.com or through the other social networks you find in this blog.

Los Ingleses y el Football en Vilagarcía

Table Football Wiki English version

Futbolín Wiki spanish Version

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