Galicia..a time for culture, nature, history and food!

A summer day in Finisterre. Picture taken from Casa Velay Restaurant

Hola! My name is Italo and I’ve been living in Galicia since 1994..when I moved from Italy.Quite a long time!

Throughout these years I discovered and – believe me- keep on discovering this fascinating region of Spain. It’s no surprise for me to start by showing you a very relaxing image from a balcony in what the galician call The Coast of Death for all the fishermen who lost their lives in these attractive but sometimes dangerous waters of the Atlantic ocean. Nature expresses itself at its best and my intention is to propose you an imaginary trip through these forests, coasts, tradional villages with peculiar architecture and history! I hope that you will have the chance to visit us in your future holidays!

By the way..the picture was taken from the windows of Restaurant Casa Velay in Finisterre.  The romans thought the world ended when they arrived round here almost 2000 years ago. I wonder if they enjoyed these great razor clams dish along with a great glass of Rias Baixas Albarino white wine as I did some days ago! (I bet they did).

Razor clams

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